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OK, everybody has to have a page like this, and this is ours.We’ll keep it simple.

Our purpose in building and maintaining this site is simple. We have a lot of content we’ve developed about pickleball, and want to share it. Additionally we know many folks who know lots more about some pickleball-related subjects than we do and we want to help you link to their stuff as well. That’s it! There is no charge for using the materials. (We may make a small commission if you click through on any ads on our site.)

Therefore, if you want to use our materials (for non-commercial purposes only), go right ahead. For additional information about the rights we retain and other stuff, see below.

1.  A. J. and Irene and their company,, own much of the copyright to the material on this site. Wherever we own the material, you are free to use it for non-commercial purposes. Our intent is that you use the material primarily for growing the sport of pickleball, and thus we are giving you limited rights of use for that purpose. These rights would include translating the materials into other languages, although in those cases we would ask that you still acknowledge our copyright and that you send us back copies of the translated materials so we can share the information with others. We allow no collecting of our stuff and re-selling it.  Other commercial purposes require our permission and you must contact us about those as we retain all other rights beyond the limited rights described above.

2.  Please remember that we certainly do not own all the materials on this site. Where we do not it’s pretty easy to spot, as it’s identified or perhaps is an actual capture of other folks’ sites or materials with their name on it, or maybe it’s a YouTube video or some such. Just a few examples of other folks’ materials are several inclusions from the,, Pickleball Central, Gale Leach , and Pickleball Rocks. There are dozens  more sources here. We try to acknowledge all the folks we link to, but there are many, and we apologize if we’ve missed any. We are not implying you can  use these other folks’ materials for any purpose other than the purpose for which they put the material out to begin with. If you intend to use their materials differently, you must contact the other people for permission to use their materials.

3.  We assume no liability whatsoever for any use that you put the material to. For example, if you use this material to train a class, liability for whatever happens on the court is on you. That’s only one example but you get the idea. We freely recognize that all kinds of injuries are possible playing pickleball, bad stuff does happen to people on the court or in any active sport for that matter, and we are not responsible for anything you do or someone in your group does that results in harm, liability, or damage of any kind.

4.  This is an opinion site. We are not the ultimate pickleball experts in much of anything. It’s our two cents only, and your mileage may vary. We acknowledge that and we ask that you do, too. Any comments made back to us about the materials should be made in the spirit of sharing, not of arguing. Thanks!

5.  Lastly, if you’ve developed information you’d like us to share with our readers, please either send us a link or email us the material as attachments and we will review it and include it in the appropriate spots on our site. But understand we will, in fact, share your information so don’t send us anything you want kept private. We are very trustworthy…you can trust us to put the information out there! Thanks very much!

Game, Match!

Irene and AJ


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  • Rocky Myers
    December 8, 2016

    Trying to bring up round robin sheets for players and I get a message saying i have to sign in, where do i do that?
    Rocky Myers
    USAPA Ambassador Maricopa, AZ

    • Us
      December 8, 2016

      Rocky, our links have been down since Nov. 1 due to a very major problem with our Dropbox Pro account. We’ve now upgraded to Dropbox Business and have been able to find all of our (many hundreds of) links on this account. I think if you go back to it you should be able to pull down what you need now, so your timing is good! Let us know if you were or were not able to do that. You may have to refresh your browser if you still get the dreaded “403” error.

      All the best….

      aj and Irene

    • Us
      January 25, 2017

      Hey, Rocky. Try it again without signing up and let me know. Signing up is simply subscribing and you can still do that for free on our home page. We will begin charging for subscriptions later this year but anyone who is already subscribed will be grandfathered in for at least another year. There will also be more content available for those who subscribe, of course. Thanks for your patience…as previously stated we are still digging out from the dropbox fiasco! Almost there now!

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This site is a portal to our own content as well as to materials developed by other folks. Our own content is copyrighted by and its owners, and is free for you to use for non-commercial purposes only. We assume no responsibility or liability for your use of any content; use it at your own discretion and risk. Go here for further info!
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