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Need to know more about the great game with the funky name? You’re in the right spot. We’re a pickleball portal – we share how to increase participation in your home town, build your pickleball club, improve your game, – everything about pickleball that we know about. We’ve done much of this ourselves and where we don’t know an answer (or don’t have an opinion) we have included some (sometimes many) offerings from other folks.

Some of this information is free to all, some is only free to subscribers. But since it’s also free to subscribe, why not do that now? No hurry…we’ll wait!

BTW, this site has MUCH MORE CONTENT within it than you may think. DRILL DOWN on each of the tabs across the top of this menu and see what you can find. Or use the Search function on the upper right. Or use the site map at the bottom of this page. That latter option…the site map…will give you an idea of just how much stuff is there, but EVERY PAGE is likely to have links to stuff you can download.

For instance…if you want information about beginner training, start with Improving Skills. Click there and then on Training. Then on Beginner Training. A lot of work? Maybe, but once you are there, you have seven different course outlines and other tools you can download and use directly. Have you tried to create ONE course outline for, say, teaching serves and returns of serves? It took us between 8 and 20 hours to develop each one of them and we are professionals at this stuff. So spend a few minutes. It’s worth it.

Also note that there is a “breadcrumb trail” at the top of each page to tell you where you have been and you can click on it to go back one or more levels, too.

So… you have questions about pickleball? About how the game is played, the court size, how to get funding to build courts, how to start a club, how to train intermediate return of serves or esoteric stuff like advanced dinking, or how to rate the players in your club? Are your players happy with the play they’re getting? Do you need to start training more referees? Would you like some totally biased information about equipment? (We make no money from any of this, and so we can cheerfully admit to having our own prejudices!).

Want more navigation help? Try the full site map, bottom of this page. Or the search function, upper right. Chances are, whatever it is about pickleball you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy!



  • Us
    February 11, 2020

    Sounds quite interesting. We have spots on this site where it would help our readers. We might also might want to do a short article/post about it as it seems different than anything else we’ve heard about…especially about the true bounce part. Do you have any further on-line information on this, Howard?

    Feel free to contact us at if you wish. Thanks! aj

  • February 5, 2020

    INFO: We make and manufactor a roll out Pickleball court on a carpet it has a great playing surface just like a tennis court good bounce and easy on the joints. Great to cover over cement of a fast wood, or asphalt surface like a jym floor can be rolled up and put on the side! Call Howard Hess N>C> 910-270-8764 can ship anywhere for immediate use $3500. for the fist one $3000. multi orders

  • Rayman hamid
    September 21, 2017

    My name is Rayman Hamid
    From manassas Virginia
    I am addicted playing pickle ball and in the past month won 4 medals including 2 gold last saturday at the northern Virginia senior olympics.
    My plan is than within the next 12 months is to become an official US pickle ball coach/ teacher introducing the sport to
    The high school in my district.
    I will be doing my first demonstration /
    Introduction to play pickle ball
    to a new community Called Little Rocky Run in clifton va about
    3000 families in the community
    On October 14 and 28 for 3 hours and as soon as i am
    License there are several communities in my area that are interested in introducing the sport but i have to be license/ and have insurance.
    I am donating my time my tutor machine, balls, my personal paddles and Refreshments to those attended .
    I am asking if u have any old paddles that are discarded/ blemished if u can send me atleast 4 so i can introduce the game to new players
    And at the same time introduce your paddles for possible future purchase.
    I can be reached at 703-314-8467
    If u have any questions

    Rayman Hamid

    • Us
      September 21, 2017

      Bless you for your efforts. I’d suggest that most directly you might want to go to the site and look up the USAPA Ambassador for your area (it’s nested a bit but you can find it) and contact them and post the same question(s) to him/her. We ourselves donate all used paddles beyond our immediate need so can’t help, but also are posting this so that our readers can contact you with help in mind. Best of luck, sincerely. We’ve been where you are and have over-extended ourselves so badly sometimes that we just want to scream ‘cuz it seems that the 1% volunteer and the 99% say they wish they had time to volunteer. You’re the 1% and are needed. (This is not a new calculation of the 80/20 or 90/10 rule of volunteerism, just our humble observations. Your mileage may vary.)

  • Bob LeRoy
    January 6, 2016

    Hi A.J.–Just spent a couple of rainy hours on and associated links, videos, and sites. Learned a lot. You and Irene are doing a great job with this. Great contribution to the world of pickleball. Many thanks.

  • Us
    August 19, 2015

    Loved your responses, Bill, and thank you, and please spread the word! Best wishes….and keep us informed if you discover a different “silver bullet” for getting your serve to do what it’s supposed to!

  • Bill Robinson
    August 14, 2015

    Just discovered your site, and it is a veritable treasure-trove of PB goodies, even for an aging 3.5er like me. I have read through some of the posts, and almost all of them leave me smiling. Well . . . except for the one about having your serve go away on vacation with you and stay wherever it was that you went — since I am in the middle of experiencing that, that article kinda gave me the cold sweats.

    Any way, you guys keep ’em coming, and I’ll keep on reading! 🙂

    ~Bill Robinson
    Pickleball by the Sea Pickleball Club
    Neptune Beach, Florida

  • May 4, 2015

    Great job AJ and Irene! Thanks for taking the time and energy to put this out. I’m sure the site will be visited by many.
    Connie Anderson
    Corvallis Ambassador

    • Us
      May 4, 2015

      Thanks, Connie! Your support is great! Please spread the word! xo

  • Brenda Lee
    March 30, 2015

    Interested in any info you have for building pb courts in a 55-and-over community.

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