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We Need the USAPA

Last we checked, the USAPA is one of the only major-sport associations to be run essentially by an all-volunteer staff. While this has changed slightly over the last couple of years with the addition of a paid Executive Director (Justin Maloof), everyone from the President (David Jordan) down is a virtually full-time volunteer working tirelessly to benefit the sport we all love. When we recently checked in with Dave about the near-term future of the USAPA (see our exclusive interview here) he brought out a few of his hot-buttons about what the USAPA needs to have happen next. Interestingly they were some of our hot-buttons as well and shows increasingly the absolute relevance of and the need for the USAPA as pickleball rapidly becomes mainstream. His quick-list of priorities includes certification programs for beginner training and referees, coordination of training under a new board position, tournament enhancements, ratings overhaul, more digitally accessed improvements for member benefit, and more. He as aside also mentioned the ramp-up of entries for the Indoor Nationals, for the National Senior Games, and more. We live in interesting times, and while recognizing that nothing is perfect, to us the USAPA does a good job that we need done. It will continue to help us see that the good times continue to roll on. Thanks to you all on the USAPA board for your unstinting efforts. You rock!