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Teaching to a Mixed Group? One Solution….

Teaching to a group with mixed skill-levels is always a challenge. Some clinicians are better at it than others, to be frank, and we have seen a lot of them in action But recently we also saw a new resource that may be helpful to you here. Prem Carnot, the Pickleball Guru, started his practice as a full-time pickleball clinician with the Bend Pickleball Club in Oregon quite awhile ago. We were there to see his clinic. He had some very, very different ideas about teaching pickleball that made it easy for our (at the time) very new club of very different skill levels to get together and work on certain fundamental skills in one clinic. Since then we’ve had him in for other clinics, including a very well-regarded outing at the world’s largest pickleball facility, Palm Creek in Casa Grande, AZ. Recently he came up with a different idea…based on similar experiences he’s had since Bend, suited to places where the club membership is really not  large enough or perhaps “together” enough, skill-wise, to segregate the population. We think Prem’s recent idea is worth a look.

How to Teach to a Mixed Group: A FREE Training for People Who Teach Pickleball –.