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Times Change – For Better, or Worse?

  For a very long time, since its first days in the ’60s, pickleball didn’t take itself too seriously, and neither did we players. Other than following the USAPA rules as created in 1984 , few players insisted we do any one thing the “right” way. There was lots of room for experimentation and adaption, […]

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The Silver Bullet; The One Thing a Pickleball Coach Looks For

A good story: the Zen master walks up to the NY hot dog vendor and says….”Make me one with everything.” Yes, a good story,  but this post is mostly a different story about the need for good pickleball coaching, and Prem Carnot, The Pickleball Guru exemplifies that. But in a sense the above is relevant […]


We Need the USAPA

Last we checked, the USAPA is one of the only major-sport associations to be run essentially by an all-volunteer staff. While this has changed slightly over the last couple of years with the addition of a paid Executive Director (Justin Maloof), everyone from the President (David Jordan) down is a virtually full-time volunteer working tirelessly […]

Stacking up with Lefty!

(EDITOR’S PICK…the best-ever article on stacking! Also links to several videos and other resources!) STACKING UP WITH LEFTY By: Lee Moore Photos by: Bob and Tess Meggs Models: Lee Moore, Verna Moore, Terry Brown, Sandi Brown I started playing Pickleball 7 years ago, and from the start found that being a Lefty wasn’t perfect, especially […]

Stacking Strategy

Stacking is a strategy designed to have one player always playing a particular side of the court during rallies.  One of the two ultimate articles on stacking, complete with photos showing all the positions, was written for us recently by Lee Moore, with help from Verna Moore, Ken Porter and models Terry and Sandi Brown. […]

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Mentor Day

This year at Palm Creek we ran the “First Annual” Mentor Day. This was a simple event but it had a profound impact on a lot of people, we think. In context, the day was organized to run the day before the smaller of our two major tournaments, our Annual Residents’ Tournament. This event “only” […]

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