Beginning Serve and Return of Serve course outline

This course outline is combined for Beginning Serve and Return of Serve. It’s designed to be run by one lead instructor but it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple of more folks as assistants.

A couple of things that aren’t mentioned and that apply for most of the courses we offer for  your consideration….insure you have a wire hopper or other easily-accessible tool to facilitate feeding balls. Having a ball picker-upper is pretty useful as well. Organize the people on any one court so that the folks waiting furthest back in the line to do any drill are regularly picking up balls and putting them back into the  hopper.

Finally, as far as the Return of Serve part of the course, if you have access to a Simon ball machine or some other ball machine that can actually put a ball regularly into the back third of the court, you can integrate that into your training.

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