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So, you ask, what IS a drop shot, anyway? It’s actually a dink, (see the dinking section, and note below that in fact the Intermediate Drop Course Outline is actually called Intermediate Dinks and Drops), but it’s hit from a distance further back from the kitchen (non-volley zone) line. A well-executed drop shot can be hit from anywhere back of the kitchen line, and is the preferred third shot of choice. Remember the conversation about the sequence of three shots…Serve, Return of Serve and (yes, you guessed it) the Drop. There are other third shots BESIDES the drop…there is a drive, a down-the-line shot, a lob, to name three others, but given the REASON for the third shot in general…to allow you to begin to get to the net (because you need to be at or nearly at the net to take control of the point), the drop shot is THE ONLY REGULARLY USED SHOT to approach the net from higher 3.5-level players and up. Yes, we could go on and on about that, and it shouldn’t be used EVERY time just for variety’s sake, but mostly that’s a true statement.

The Drop Shot should be hit with your body in the same position every time no matter where you are on the court (if that’s possible). You will work out for yourself what that body position will be, but the very best Drop-Shot Artists we know (and it IS an art form, have no question about that), look just the same whether they are hitting it from just back of the kitchen or from true mid-court or from the baseline.

It’s a nasty, pain in the ass shot to learn and unless you’re naturally gifted, have exceptional high eye-hand skills by nature or nuture or are, perhaps, a person who has amazing tennis, badminton or table-tennis skills to begin with, you will have to practice this shot repeatedly. But…good news here…once you have it, you have it.

It’s a shot we only teach to Intermediate players and above, although there is absolutely no harm in Beginners trying it, too. Just to begin thinking about it as they’ll need it soon enough.

Drop, Intermediate Course Outline

Drop, Advanced Course Outline (this will be available soon!)

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  • April 5, 2015

    Immediately after playing at last year’s tournament at Palm Creek, I convinced some of the players at Rincon Country West RV Park in Tucson to organize a club here so we actually build skills, and move to better play.

    I modelled much of what I put forth as President of our new club on what I saw at PC, bearing in mind that I had only seen the top of the iceberg. We went from zero to over 100 members in our first year, just ended this week. We had introductory lessons, and twice weekly Skills and Drills sessions. We also had our first Round Robins using charts from PC.

    As well, we held a small invitational tournament and an in house tournament, as well as invitational Round Robins and Shootouts.

    I was starting to look for curriculum so that we can make our beginner and intermediate training better for next year, and I came across this site. Once again, Palm Creekers are providing us with excellent information to move forward.

    The curriculum you have provided is excellent, and is just what we will need for our next year.

    Tiniest of things though. The links for Intermediate and Advance Drop go to the same page.

    Thanks once again for taking leadership in things that will advance the game we obsess over in the USA and Canada.

    Michael Brandon
    Rincon Country West Pickleball Club
    Tucson, AZ

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