Dinking- An Important Skill to Learn

Dinking is an important skill but its true function is often misunderstood by beginning and even some intermediate players. It’s not simply the activity of hitting soft shots from your kitchen line into your opponent’s kitchen area. Well, that’s technically what it is, but what it REALLY is a whole strategy of moving your opponents around so as to create an opportunity for you to score a point; most often through their unforced error but about a third of the time through your being “handed” (although you really created it) an opportunity to put the ball away and score.

Dinking can be done successfully in a variety of ways. We do not hold the three courses below to be the end-all and be-all go-to for every way to dink successfully. Instead it teaches (in Beginners’ Dinking) and enhances (in Intermediate Dinking) ONE good way to go about it. In Advanced Dinking the philosophy is expanded further, getting into strategy and creating winners.

Each of your students and you yourself will develop your own further refinements as you go.

Caveats: enhancements to each of these courses will be the requisite wire hopper of balls per court, and having the waiting participants not only retrieve balls but make sure they get balls back into the hopper. Don’t allow your participants to waste time chasing balls. However, also do not allow them to play with a bunch of balls rolling around at their feet. That increases the risk of someone stepping on a ball which could result in a painful ankle-turn or worse.

Dinking, Beginners Course Outline

Dinking, Intermediate Course Outline

Dinking, Advanced Course Outline

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