Beginner Training

Beginning any new sport, even pickleball, has its share of difficulties. This section is organized so that you could actually learn the sport yourself, as well as teach others.

Just Beginning? Check here first!

This gives the history of the game and briefly shows how the game is played. This is an essential if you are trying to learn the game from this information. It’s also pretty good to give as prework to any group you will be training as well. (Suggestion – give ’em this link one week before training – no more or less.)

Conditions for Beginner Training

Conditions for Beginner Training covers the extra things an instructor should think about and do in organizing a beginner training class – besides simply conducting the training.

Beginner Training Session Outline

This is the actual course outline for Beginner Training.

2.5.1  Serve and Return of Serve

This goes beyond the Beginner Training in showing and teaching basic serve(s) and returns.

2.5.2 Forehand-Backhand Course Outline

This covers basic ground strokes, and assumes no previous racquet or paddle skills. This is the class beyond Beginner Training where ground strokes are VERY briefly covered.

2.5.3 Dinking

This is the third critical skill for Beginners to learn and they should get acquainted with it immediately…or at least soon after the “basic” Beginner’s Training Course.


(How to mentor 2.0-level beginning players in a round robin format)

Class Evaluation Form

This is the form all students in all classes should fill out. Beware of being fooled by the high numbers you get. It’s rare to get a bad evaluation. They know you are volunteering to do this and are grateful. But encourage and look for the additional comments and be instructed by those for future work.

Tools for Beginners

NOTE: this section is still under construction. It will add in a few enhancements for beginners such as drills, specialized equipment, etc.

That said, really, all a beginner needs is a paddle, two or three balls, good shoes and a water bottle, a place to play and a few others to play with and the knowledge gained in the “Just Beginning?” link above. Just for fun, compare this in your mind with somebody who, say, decides they want to learn salt-water fly-fishing or aerial-drone photography. Talk about a sport for our times. Limited space, equipment, cost, learning curve, and maximum fun. Pickleball rocks.



  • Emeterio Diaz
    January 2, 2019

    starting a new pickleball club in Puerto Rico and looking for help in getting started.

  • Arun s
    January 21, 2017

    My simple suggestions: Find a paddle that feels right in your dominant hand. Consider the weight when you swing it back and forth. Remember there are 3 basic components to a swing, 1) backswing (windup), 2) contact (where ball meets paddle on the forward swing) and 3) the follow through. The whole swing should start in back at approx. knee high and finish after hitting the ball at approx. shoulder high. The upward direction of this swing is what gets the ball over the net. Practice against a smooth finish wall so it comes back at you in a consistent and predictable manner. That will enable you to get your timing down pretty good. When you feel you are ready go on court and hit with someone. If that someone cannot direct the ball to you properly then it’s time for them to practice a while at the wall.
    That’s all. Make sure your grip is one that allows you to do forehands and backhands w/o changing the grip too much. The ideal grip is all you need to pronate your arm not the grip and be able to hit shots off both FH and BH sides.
    Have fun, Cheers!

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