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There are three areas in pickleball training. One is the content of the courses, clinics, etc. The second is the coordination of the training program itself. The third is communication to the members and getting feedback from the participants. These three areas are, first, discussed briefly here and then links are given to appropriate resources.

First, the training courses themselves: each of the sections below is organized so that you can download or link to information about skills development in various areas. Beginner pickleball Training of course is only focused on Beginners. But some of the other sections offer courses for different levels of skill, e.g. one skill like dinking might be taught differently for beginner/intermediate vs. intermediate/advanced.  There are also “specialized” courses that teach more about strategy than skills-development, or in one case, are about helping you get ready to play your first tournament. Check it all out.

Beginner Training

Mentor Program Guidelines (for mentoring 2.0/2.5 level players)

The Serve and Return of Serve


Drop Shot

The Lob

The Volley

Working With, not Against, Your Partner

Preparing to Play in Your First Tournament

The second area is the coordination of the training itself. In a small club where you are only occasionally doing one or two courses this is no big deal. You identify a couple of trainers (hopefully, not just you). You have them walk through the course outlines. You put out an email blaster or some other communication to club members (small, contained – physically small area – clubs, a flier is sufficient). You encourage them to sign up in advance. Small clubs, paper signup sheets may be OK if your physical area is small. Larger areas, bigger clubs, electronic signup is the only way to fly. We strongly recommend SignUpGenius (our page of examples of use) as a great (free) tool for this purpose and use it extensively for training signups as well as for Round Robins, social events and other stuff.

Larger clubs, you may get more extensive and need things like coordinating documents, train-the-trainer classes, descriptions of the responsibilities of the training director to insure good communication with the club board, etc. You may also need more than one instructor for a class; multi-court courses require an assistant to carry the work to each course, for instance. Examples are provided.

Example of Course Signup Sheet

Example of Overall Course Description Document

Example of Training Schedule Document, showing leads and assistants

Train-the-Trainer Class notes for instructor

Example of Functional Job Description, Director of Training

The third area is communication with members. We already mentioned parts of this area above. Note the comments about the fliers, email blasters, and the use of SignUpGenius or some other communication tool. However there is more that can be added. For instance:

A brief memo to club members about the intent of the year’s training program


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