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You and we both know training is important, but this section is devoted to all the other and additional self-development opportunities you have outside of the more “formal” skills training classes. We suspect we will continue to add to this section for a long time as new opportunities are continuously appearing in the midst of this sports’ explosion. Please – if you have any suggestions as to what we could add here, please feel free to let us know. We always appreciate that!

Drills  Over time this section will feature not only our own drills but many developed by others. (Please do check out their sites as well – often there is more there than just drills – and tell ’em we sent you.)

Drills using the Simon Ball Machine… speaks for itself. Simon is a wonderful teaching tool, a good practice partner and worth the money. We’ve helped clubs buy two so far and hope to buy our own when our ship comes in. This page is provided courtesy Kirk Foster andThe Bend Pickleball Club.

Other Tools

To begin, check this page from Pickleball Central. Other people also offer this stuff, so do shop around, but there are a number of things on this page that otherwise we’d have to list separately.

We have personal experience with almost all the stuff on this site except for the two-tone balls which seem like a great idea, the backboarding net, which we’re definitely gonna buy, and the Onix Foam balls which are proving to be a good idea (from other folks’ input) for indoor play and places where “quiet” is considered critical. (Next the pickleball police…aka “those other people” who don’t like pickleball…will be banning laughter!)

More Books and DVDs Back when dinosaurs were small and we were the President(s) of the Palm Creek Pickleball Club (a responsibility we always shared), we initiated a “library” for club members who wanted to improve their own games through Books and DVDs. We weren’t sure if it would work or not. It wound up being a resounding success. Many of the items are still being used and re-used and replaced as they are trashed or stolen and it’s something we think every club should do, assuming you can find a librarian and a space and all that stuff. But we’re not really meaning to proselytize about this…this section is simply our list of stuff we’ve found of value, with a few words here and there as to why.

We’d also like to take a minute and list the various books and other DVDs we’ve enjoyed, either on pickleball or on tennis or some other transferable-skills sport. Some of these will duplicate the above. When last we checked, all the books were available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or other like sites:

  • The Art of Pickleball
    by Gale H. Leach (Gale is a terrific writer and continuously updates this book. Well worth it!)
  • The Inner Game of Tennis
    by W. Timothy Gallwey (The best book on the mental side of tennis. Still the one classic!)
  • Official Pickleball Handbook 2nd Edition
    by Mark Friedenberg (A little dated, but it’s a classic and needs to be read. We own three copies!)
  • Zennis
    by Peter Spang (Zen and the Art of Any Racquet Sport….a great, great book. The sections on how to focus are alone worth the price of admission.)
  • Smart Pickleball; The Pickleball Guru’s Guide by Prem Carnot  (A great read. One of the best one-on-one trainers in the game writes a fun book!)
  • The Ultimate Pickleball Instructional DVDby Dennis Forbes  (This, by the way, really IS the best DVD on Pickleball we’ve ever seen. The VERY  untimely death of Dennis Forbes left a hole in pickleball instruction that still isn’t filled, in our opinion.)

There are more…we will add them soon.


  • John Allevi
    April 23, 2015

    I would like some information on the simon. We are interested in purchasing a ball machine. I would also like to know and assured that we could get help with it once we own it. Also how much time is allotted is we don’t think it is our product to use.

    Thank you,

    John Allevi

    • Us
      April 23, 2015

      Hi, John. Your wish is our command. Here’s a section we just finished on Simon. This speaks to alternative sources for purchasing the machine, how to contact the manufacturer for customer service, drills you can use from the Bend Pickleball Club’s page, protocols currently in use at Palm Creek for sharing the machine among members, and a process we wrote and shared with the USAPA Ambassadors that goes into detail about stuff like how much time each session is given, etc. In our experience customer service from both the two vendors mentioned AND also from Mike Schwartz, the inventor and manufacturer, is outstanding. Learning time to use the machine is very brief. hope this helps. Simon Ball Machine

  • April 22, 2015

    How could you sell the Simon without offering The Pic? The Pic65 picks up up to 70 balls each time which makes for the best efficient, effective practice device possible as it combines perfectly with the Simon. Great drill work is not possible without the Pic. We use the Simon daily (Ron Curry was one of the first five to purchase the Simon) and we have two Pics, and a Pic65 to make for the BEST practice sessions possible.

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