What is Pickleball? A Brief Overview

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What is pickleball? If you are not familiar with it, it can be confusing, sounding like a game somehow played with vegetables. No worries – we’re here to solve the mystery for you.

30,000 foot view:  Pickleball is a game that somewhat resembles tennis played on a much smaller court. The equipment is different – composite pickleball paddles and a 3 1/4″  rugged plastic ball. Combining elements of Tennis, Paddle Tennis, Table Tennis and Badminton and using scoring more like Volleyball, it’s an easy game to learn, immediately fun for about anybody but a lifetime sport with tons to learn. At the highest levels it’s about as competitive a game as you can imagine. Think of a flat-out high-level table tennis match with people standing on the table and using Just for fu’1/4n we’ll start with the part that is the most interesting…the attitude pickleball players bring to their game. Pickleball is just about the most social  paddle game there is. And it’s terrifically good-natured….even at the highest levels of play, even the very best players only act like morons on the court on very rare occasions, and put on very few airs. We mean, how pretentious can a sport played with a plastic ball and an over-sized table-tennis paddle be? Prize money in pickleball is finally a bit higher than airfare, and while this will grow as the sport continues to get more and more mainstream in our society, chances are the sport itself will remain what is always has been….not the Sport of Kings at all…more like the Sport of the Court Jester. Laughter is much more the norm than the exception, and any club worth its’ salt will have events as light-hearted as the one pictured above, where the Palm Creek Pickleball Club put out free pizza after the medal rounds of a recent tournament, gave away beer, hired a disc jockey, and folks did the Electric Slide until the senior dawn, about 8:30 pm or so, when that picture was taken. Point? Don’t worry about getting started and looking foolish. We aren’t all that serious about ourselves. Out here in Pickleball Land, 99 out of 100 of us will help you get started if you ask, and if you run into one of the exceptions, well, send them our way and tell ’em to read this…they need to chill.

Also read the article “Pickleball basics” to learn more about the rules.

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