Forming Your Pickleball Club

If you’ve got a group of pickleball players in a community, at some point someone will bring up a question. “Shouldn’t we form a pickleball club?”, she’ll say. People typically react to this question one of three ways.

The two binary answers are either “Yeahhhhhh….that’s the ticket! That’s what we need! A CLUB!”, or “No! And not only no, but HECK no!”. We have already provided a section on the pros and cons of clubs. But sometimes you get the third answer, a more thoughtful. “Well, OK, maybe we should, but how do we do it?! And this latter question requires some examination of the detail on starting a pickleball club.

  1. That question is explored at length in this first link. Starting Your Club
  2. This second link gives you a look at a couple of different ways to write by-laws, one of which (Bend) includes functional job descriptions for the board officers. By-Laws
  3. This link explores the various types of legal entities non-profit sports clubs can take, and walks through what one club researched and the decisions they made. This is terrific!
  4. This third link is one of the things you will eventually need a club in order to provide…a Certificate of Liability, very difficult to arrange personally but required by many public agencies when you want to run a tournament or have an event. Certificate of Liability (this will be available soon)





  • Pam Boyd
    December 5, 2016

    Hello…the link to Starting Your Club appears to be broken. I’m receiving an error message. Help, please! Thank you!

    • Us
      December 6, 2016

      Hi, Pam. Our apologies; please have patience with us. DropBox dumped over 3,000 of our shared files by accident and we are trying hard to restore them without having to go to each of the 3,000 files and recreate the links. I would suggest you check back in a week or so and we may have it fixed….can’t say for certain, but I think we’re on the right track.

      More soon, hopefully…..

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