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Acknowledging there are others, SignUpGenius happens to be our favorite electronic sign-up tool, and use it extensively in the Bend (Oregon) Pickleball Club for things like:

  • Signing up in advance for all Round-Robins
  • Signing up for training session
  • Signing  up for clinics
  • Reserving a spot for social events
  • Doing modest surveys
  • Sending follow-up emails for various different purposes.

The service is easy to use and (if you are willing to put up with the ads) is free.  In Bend we pay for the ad-free version which also offers a slight bit more functionality. We have been using it for over three years now and like it more and more.

Here is some information about SignUpGenius from different sources. The first link is from Bend and thanks to Kirk Foster for providing this – it is from a button on the BPC home page and shows the complete schedule of indoor winter play at the Boys and Girls Club in Bend.

There is also a two-step process which is linked which shows both the way Dale Secord, in Tucson at the Voyager, is using SignUpGenius to (first) have people sign up for an Orientation Session to learn to use their Simon Ball Machine and (second) to reserve the Simon Ball Machine for a time of their choosing.

Schedule of Play at Bend Boys and Girls Club (Bend Pickleball Club)

Orientation Session for learning the Simon Ball Machine (Voyager, Tucson)

To Make a Reservation for using the Simon Ball Machine (Voyager, Tucson)

We would enjoy hearing from you on the subjects of (a) the tools you use for electronic signup, (b) creative uses you’ve made of these, and also (c) any impressions you’ve had of SignUpGenius in particular if  you’ve experienced it. Thanks!



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