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Oh, we know. There are all kinds of pickleball tournaments software packages out there. You have seen a dozen or more, probably. Do a Google search on “pickleball tournament software” and  you will be under- or overwhelmed, depending on how you react to 13,300 hits….many of them irrelevant, but some of them, if  you were starting from scratch, might be worth looking at. If you had that kind of time.

But maybe we can make this easier. No matter who you also consider, the top-ranked contender (and still champion!) is pickleball tournaments software offered by pickleballtournaments.com, (also by far the best place to go to see the status of upcoming tournaments and a very useful site you’ll want to bookmark).

The software, originally developed by Robert and Jettye Lanius back in the day, is now even more improved, is amazingly intuitive and easy to use (although like any complex software package there is a slight…surprisingly slight…learning curve) and it does totally cool things like automatically updating the pickleball tournaments brackets on-line in real-time so your husband, sitting nervously at home watching the dog with his smart phone by his side while you’re out working your way through your bracket, is with you more than in spirit but virtually by your side. It also does everything else well too….p0sts upcoming matches to a big-screen (if you want it) for players to keep an eye on their next match, allows registrations to be bar-code-scanned for quick handling in those busy mornings, prints out the next match sheets with people’s names on them, indicating winner vs. consolation brackets in medal rounds and so many other thing you should just take our word for it. Running a tournament has finally gotten a lot easier because of the software, and where once upon a day it might crash, now it seldom does.

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(You’re right…from Tombstone….Val Kilmer….)

So…you wanna go somewhere else, have at it, but (as Doc Holliday said a little differently) these guys are definitely our huckleberry….



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