Building Your Pickleball Club- An Overview!

Whether you actually call your ongoing pickleball club a group or something else (we’ve heard “pickleball posse” but somehow that doesn’t exactly get it) is up to you.

Whatever you call it, your group has certain needs. Organizational and administrative needs; who gets to play on the courts when? Who controls play? Is play free? How are people rated? Do we have special events…Meet and Greets, Potlucks, Mentor Days, Pizza Parties, and who organizes them and where are they held? Just the subject of whether or not alcohol is allowed at these functions will keep some of you up at night.

Or, how about logistical things; where is stuff kept, how is stuff paid for, who cleans and maintains your playing facilities and more? Who does the fliers and brochures? You get the picture…there’s a lot.

And if you DO decide to form a pickleball club, while it answers some questions it raises others, and club structures differ wildly. And within the structure….given any thought to bylaws? Election of officers? Assignment of responsibilities? We have. The list is very large and we provide our take on a lot of it throughout this section. Try the links below for sections that may be of interest. Or use the black-box sidebar to your right, search (above, right) or the site map (bottom of this page) if you wanna look further.

Forming Your Pickleball Club     (OMG, another book we could write!) Everything you need to know…types of pickleball clubs, bylaws, processes and procedures, and lots more.

Also, go here for some pros and cons as to whether you should start a pickleball club at all, or check out this post for some leading-edge characteristics of pickleball clubs.

Pickleball Club Programs (Organized Play. everything about Round Robins and tools to run ’em, and much more.)

Organizing and Running Your Tournament (plus tournament alternatives, a tournament manual and more)

Ratings Process    Nothing is more difficult to sort out in a pickleball club then where people are rated. But we help make it easier. Here’s the whole story plus lots of tools and processes

Automated ToolsOn-line signup for registration, FREE shootout software (seriously!) and lots more.

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  • Jim Hess
    March 4, 2018

    Where (location) and how many actual dedicated pickleball courts are there in IA?

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