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We (Irene and AJ talking here) admit it; we’ve have been around the customer-service block a few times. We are, in fact, (ahem…), experts in the subject. Putting our natural modesty aside, we now answer your burning question: “How so?” Well, among other things, we started and ran a management consulting firm for 15 years, eventually operating in 22 countries, and what subjects did people want to talk about more than any other? Selling stuff, one, and customer service, two. The two subjects are somewhat related but in inverse manner, which is to say that one can sell stuff without providing customer service (for awhile, at least) but one cannot provide customer service (in our experience) without eventually selling stuff.

But for those of us who have been in the customer-service game since dinosaurs were small and people wrote on rocks, certain companies are legendary for their passionate commitment to service. Nordstrom’s, famous for once taking back a set of tires from an older gentleman who swore he bought them there (although of course the closest Nordstrom’s ever came to a tire was its image on a racing car on a $100 silk tie) is only one example. And we love that example because it shows the true passion that companies who really, truly believe in customer service as a gift, who believe that their service is their guiding value, are so important and so, so rare. Oh, sure, there are companies like Costco who simply take everything back…but it doesn’t feel they take anything back because customer service is their passion, it’s simply a business policy which works well. It makes them wonderful profits, but it doesn’t make them wonderful.

Pickleball Central, (link opens in a new page) on the other hand, is one of the premier multi-product service-providers in the pickleball game today, and it’s our belief that it’s their passion, not just a good business policy. Walking the talk the way they do every moment is a game-changer. Recently we had the opportunity to talk with Anna G. Copley, Managing Partner of Pickleball Central, and we posed only one question to her.

“Given the company you are, if you were talking about what makes you different, what would  you say?”

We print Anna’s response verbatim here…and this is a case where her words speak volumes about her – and Pickleball Central’s – passion.

“AJ and Irene, (…since you asked) there’s one thing I’d most like to emphasize …well there are two things.

#1 Our Guarantee – We offer a 30 day test drive on everything we sell. If you don’t love it after 30 days return it and we’ll give you your money back no questions asked. We know how hard it is to shop for sports equipment looking at pictures on a computer screen. You want to feel the paddle in your hand and hit some balls with it, we get it. So we invented our Test Drive policy.  Paddles that have been tested and returned end up in our Used Equipment bin and offered to customers at a reduced price. (Ed. Note: The link to used equipment and to the Clearance Page are noted directly below.).

Here’s the link to the Clearance Page: 

Here’s the link to the Used Equipment page: 

#2 Our Service – I’ll let you in on a little secret, we’re really not in the pickleball business, we’re in the service business. Service is what distinguishes PickleballCentral from other pickleball companies. We are real people who care about people. We believe in and do our darnest to follow The Golden Rule. Really, we try to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes when deciding what products to offer and how to deal with all the various issues that come up running a business. We go out of our way to do special things for people:   We hand select paddles for customers. We include a handwritten note with every order. We work hard to ship orders the day they are placed.  We talk to customers on the phone sometimes for a very long time about paddles and life. (We answer the phone from 7am – 5 pm; Monday – Friday and 9-3 on Saturdays. Actually, we’re looking at expanding our phone coverage hours. There are lots of pickleballers on the east coast calling us at 6 am!)  We call/email people immediately when products come in that they are waiting for. We try to exceed expectations and look for ways to please our customers.

(We) realized a couple of years ago that FUN is really important. FUN should not be underestimated. Pickleball brings FUN to the world.  We’re ever so proud to be part of this truly spectacular pickleball movement that is making the world a better place for so many people.”

For more information about Pickleball Central, click here. (link opens in a new page)

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  • Bill Robinson
    August 15, 2015

    Chiming in to support your good words for Pickleball Central, Irene and AJ. I have ordered multiple times from those folks — beginning with my PB-newbie’s “Send me your best deal”, and evolving to “I want *this* paddle at *this* weight — and they have always been super-helpful (“Let me go over to the warehouse and see what weights and colors we have in-stock for particular paddle”) and super-prompt in shipping their merchandise.

    I have never had to return any merchandise to PIckleball Central, but from the comments that I have read on-line, they are very accommodating in that respect, as well.

    I would (and have) unhesitatingly recommended these folks to people who are looking to order (and help in ordering) PB equipment.

    ~Bill Robinson
    Pickleball by the Sea Pickleball Club
    Neptune Beach, Florida

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