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  • Gale Leach is one of our favorite pickleball authors and bloggers. Besides having written “The Art of Pickleball”, a very fun read, she is a consistent blogger with well-laid-out tips. We recommend her blog especially. Go here for Gale’s blog.
  • And, BTW, she just revisited her list of recommended pickleball blogs and sites, and we made her list! Check it for information in addition to what’s below.
  • Jeff Shank hasn’t written anything for awhile, since mid-2014, in fact. But up ’til that point he was a pretty prolific blogger and focused on providing over 40 great pickleball tips. Since Jeff often played with the biggest of the big boys (Tim Nelson, Brian Staub, etc.) he is definitely a source for information as to how to play above the average level. We’ve read many of his posts, watched many of his recommended videos (our favorite, with Tim Nelson, here) and we recommend him – and hope he begins posting again sometime soon.
  • PickleballCentral offers a pretty cool list of Coaches and Instructors.
  • Speaking of which, Prem Carnot is among our all-world favorites as a true coaching professional. His site allows free subscriptions and provides tons of tips.


  • January 12, 2019

    What would a round robin look like for 30 people with only 6 courts?
    Do you have a worksheet for this?

    • Us
      April 11, 2019

      There isn’t an organized RR sheet we’re aware of that accommodates the 30/6 combination. Sounds pretty radical to us. How did it go, given your question came in quite awhile ago? How did you solve the “problem”?

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