Picklers of Note

The folks that are “kept” here in this category are a few of the pickleball legends, great players, wonderful supporters, good coaches and all-around great friends that we’ve run into. (Generally they don’t all fit into all categories, LOL….one category will do although many of them DO fit into more than one…did that make sense?)

Anyway, don’t expect to see everyone here that you would say deserves to be. We only have so much time and will add more over awhile. But if you do have a wonderful suggestion for some outstanding referee (besides Irene and besides John Grasso, both of whom we know about), or the great guy that blew off the courts every day for five years (besides Terry Brown, who we know about), or would get on the court with anybody (like Enrique Ruiz or Wes Gabrielson, both of whom we know about), or men and women who kept on keeping on, in spite of significant illnesses, knee and shoulder and hip replacements, and other stuff, (no names mentioned right now) or folks who contribute well beyond their pay grade (Rosemary Reese, David Jordan and Mark Friedenberg – well, actually, many more, too – all come to mind)….. well, by golly, suggest away and we’ll add ’em to the list. Remember, anyone who gets mentioned also gets a free Corvette. And they have two mortal sins forgiven, cuz we have an “in” with the Big Guy. (No, they don’t, and no WE don’t, either – we wish! – but we made you look.)

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