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Unforced Errors!

What’s your definition of an unforced error? No, really. Which errors do you consider forced and which ones aren’t? How many do you yourself commit in a game? What’s the average? Does it change by skill-level? Do unforced errors REALLY make the difference in an otherwise close match, or not? Is the urban legend that 75% of all rallies are won based on somebody making an unforced error true? Is there an element of truth to it? What does the research REALLY show? Did anybody even DO research?

Well, as to the research part….yes, our good friend Noel White, who holds one PH.D. and five masters degrees in applied statistics and a variety of other related subjects, HAS studied this subject extensively, as well as the results of drop-shots, “conversions” and other related stuff. His report on all this, which is quite startling, is published for the first time here. Bet you’ll be surprised at some of his findings…or maybe not!