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, RefereEZ  (Referee Scoring Stand),,
Recently we asked Jim Hackenberg, the inventor of the Referee Scoring Stand (RefereEZ, patent pending) to give us a little detail about this nifty product. We had seen it used at a couple of tournaments and liked what we were seeing. Besides being a very cool device, it’s stable, easy to assemble/disassemble, highly mobile (lightweight) and really makes the viewing experience much better at tournaments where you can’t hear the referee call the score because of spectator noise, wind, and/or PA systems. With this system a single glance tells you where the match is at, if that’s grammatical!

(Please also note comment and additional picture on bottom of this page showing unit also being used to track side-outs and time-outs, a capability which some people use and and some, like Jim references in his comments below, do not use. Your choice, you get the product with those optional capabilities either way!)

We can easily imagine a future where utilization of the RefereEZ is de rigeur for any sanctioned tournament.Below is the writeup Jim sent us at our request, and we recommend you give this product a look for your upcoming tournaments. We like it!(Thanks for asking about) the Referee Scoring Stand, what we affectionately call The RefereEZ, (patent pending.)  The stand will sell for $60.00, plus shipping and at this time we can only accept cash or checks.  Checks should be made out to Kalamazoo Pickleball, and mailed to Jim Hackenberg, 176 W. Crooked Lake Dr., Kalamazoo, MI 49009.   Orders can be placed through me at​

The RefereEZ is great for spectators.  They love knowing what the score is without having to strain to hear the referee.  Many times I have received the comment, “Every tournament court should have one.”   Players like it because they can easily see what the score is without having to ask the referee.  I have found it very easy to use and, in fact, it makes keeping score even easier.  While some may think it’s a duplication of effort on the part of the referee, in truth it is not.  You keep score using the stand and only need to keep track of the “side outs” and “time outs” on the scoresheet. 

In the example picture, the score is Yellow Team – 5, White Team – 2, 2nd Serve, and the Yellow Team has won one game.

The unit is easy to assemble and disassemble for storage.  We also plan to put an instructional video on how to use the RefereEZ on YouTube in the near future.


Here’s a comment from Pat Sinicki…The stand DOES keep track of side outs and time outs. Jim just prefers not to use these 2 options. If you order a stand, you will also get these options also. You use beads for the time outs (shown on top bars) and an arrow for side outs (shown on the scoring numbers). Also, the numbers are now laminated. I have attached another picture of the up to date unit.
, RefereEZ  (Referee Scoring Stand),,


  • Ernie medina
    April 15, 2017

    Awesome tool! I’m in SoCal going to Western Regionals this Wed and will be reffing on Thur for the first time ever. Is it possible to get it shipped to me before I leave Wed AM so I can bring it with me to Utah Wed? Let me know– Thanks!

    • Us
      September 7, 2017

      Hi, Ernie. This is months late but noticed we didn’t respond, sorry. We don’t sell any products, and this one was mentioned just because it was interesting and (we’re sure) quite valuable. With us, to buy it, you’d have to just contact the listed vendor…we try to provide links. Sorry about the delay in the response.

      • September 7, 2017

        No prob…one of our members made some for our first tourney, so it’s all good!

  • Patricia Stewart
    June 22, 2016

    I tried to send a message to the email listing here but got an error message.

    The NY State Pickleball Tournament is scheduled for July 8-10 in Buffalo NY. I a n charge of referees. No one here has see the RefereEZ – I used this to referee at the US Pickleball Open in Naples – great tool!! What will the total cost of ONE unit plus shipping be? And could it be shipped in time for this tournament?

    Thanks – Trish Stewart

    • Us
      August 17, 2016

      Hi, Trish. Sorry we did not respond early enough to do you any good with the Buffalo tournament.We’re actually not sure how we missed you – but our apologies anyway. We do not sell anything from this site and when we provide free information for folks about something we find interesting we provide contact information for you to buy it directly. Is the email address that was given with the product information the one that bounced? And if you are still interested (and we agree it’s a fun and valuable tool) we could track down a better email address for you.

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