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The Grubbs family, headed up by professional marketer Rodney (Rocket) Grubbs, is a force in pickleball already…although only a few years in the biz. Part of this is that they offer real value. Merchandise? Sure, and great stuff, too. We own so much Pickleball Rocks clothing, as one for-instance, that we’re starting to modify the older, mostly-worn-out shirts for use by our boxer, Desi.

pickleball rocks, Pickleball Rocks, Pickleball.biz, Pickleball.biz

Desi Rocks with Pickleball Rocks!


But beyond that, Pickleball Rocks takes their slogan, Helping Pickleball Grow, pretty darn seriously. The Pickleball Mile Club  tracks your pickleball play and gives you rewards as incentives for you to exercise more. The Pickleball Champions Club at the Accelerator Level gives clubs assistance (for $97 a year) in obtaining a working website with custom domain name, Facebook page, and more. The Pickleball Rocks Paddle Foundation helps grow pickleball by putting affordable, durable paddles (and balls) into the hands of schools, YMCAs, parks and recreation departments, and the like.

It’s hard to say too much about the marketing prowess of this company…but a company can market the heck out of stuff and it will fail if it doesn’t provide value. Pickleball Rocks, in our opinion, is the real deal…they provide value equal to their marketing plan, and the value is to individual players, to organizations and to the pickleball community at large.



  • Jayesh
    November 27, 2016

    Please suggest some pickleball paddle light weighted,
    Hereby Jayesh from India.

    • Us
      December 6, 2016

      Suggest you direct this particular question to Pickleball Central, who has the widest range of paddles we’re aware of. There are a number of brands who make lightweight paddles but it depends on what you consider light and also what your budget will allow. Sorry we can’t be more specific.

  • December 25, 2015

    AJ and Irene, thank you for the kind words. Pickleball has given so much to our family. We are certainly grateful for the tremendous support of all our growth programs. Keep up the great work at Pickleball.biz.

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