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If it’s not paddles then there is all this other stuff you may be interested in. Or not. We’re just sayin’.

Simon Ball Machine

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The Simon Ball Machine is, simply, the first made-for-pickleball machine that actually works well. Previous ball machines were typically either developed for baseball and would deliver shots with either gigantic backspin on them, making the delivered balls basically useless for most practice, or were virtually impossible to cajole into making the kinds of shots we want to learn to hit against. Simon, on the other hand, very consistently delivers the kinds of shots we want to hit, giving us opportunities to practice everything from ground-strokes to lobs to drops to cut-volleys and much more. Check it out, along with information about Simon-related drills, protocols for  using Simon in the club, buying information, contact information for the manufacturer with technical questions and more.

2. Pick65

, Other Pickleball-Related Products, Pickleball.biz, Pickleball.biz

Shown, Pic35, also great but smaller!

If you are interested in Simon, you owe it to your back to pick up the new Pickleballpic65 (AKA Pic65). This high-quality, inexpensive device picks up 65-70 balls at a go with no strain. We own it, love it, and recommend it. Check it out here

, Other Pickleball-Related Products, Pickleball.biz, Pickleball.biz

2.  RefereEZ

Here’s a scoring stand that you can bring on court to display scores for both teams, games won, and more. Really gets rid of the nagging tournament problem where  you can’t hear the score being called for one reason or another.

2.  Finger-held digital clickers, Other Pickleball-Related Products, Pickleball.biz, Pickleball.biz

Lee Moore turned us onto this game-improvement tip – recommending that we use a finger-held digital clicker/counter to record how many unforced errors we made in a game. AJ used his first and recorded 17 unforced errors in the first game! With the help of the counter he’s now breaking down these errors into categories so he can focus harder on improving the areas that are costing him the most points. A good idea if he sticks to it!

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