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Selkirk Sport right now only makes pickleball paddles, but we suspect there is more to come, having seen, for instance, previews of absolutely killer, beautifully-designed p-ball shirts that we hope one day to own. They were brand-new to our Paddle Demo Day this year and sold out, making them the highest-seller of any of the 7 lines of paddles represented. They are located in the beautiful Coeur d’Alene area in North Idaho (a little more than a stone’s throw from Bainbridge Island but still a suburb of Eastern Washington’s Spokane) and part of the great American Pacific Northwest. In their words, “we’re crafting some of the world’s finest pickleball paddles in the traditional styles but (we have) a few tricks up our sleeves.”

As are all the paddles we recommend, Selkirk’s paddles are USAPA-approved for tournament play. Theirs come with a 30 Day No Questions Asked Return Policy and a standard 90 Day Warranty on all purchases as well as a full, One Year Warranty against manufacturer defects once you’ve registered your paddle.

, Selkirk Sport, Pickleball.biz, Pickleball.biz

They now have three paddle lines with the introduction of their new 200P Polymer Series Pickleball Paddles.

, Selkirk Sport, Pickleball.biz, Pickleball.biz
Selkirk 300 A Graphite
, Selkirk Sport, Pickleball.biz, Pickleball.biz
Selkirk 200 A Composite
, Selkirk Sport, Pickleball.biz, Pickleball.biz
Selkir 200 P Polymer


They combine this new offering with their best-selling 300A Graphite Series and their recently updated 200A Composite Series, which now has an even lighter and stronger aluminum honeycomb core and improved, more durable vinyl edging.

Important to us, they are family-owned and manufacture all of of their paddles in their own 6,000 sq. ft. facility in Idaho—in the USA.

We have not yet owned their paddles but have hit with them a lot. They are very nicely balanced and they look and feel good. AJ, of course, has now ordered one.


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    Bonnie Walters
    August 23, 2015 Reply

    I had a 200 composite and loved it. Somehow I have lost it or misplaced it but will be buying another Selkirk as soon as I get back from vacation. Wish I could by it direct from the factory but looks like you have to order from someone. It’s so light I don’t even feel like it’s in my hand most of the time.

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      We have a couple of Selkirk paddles and like them a lot. They are a very well-balanced paddle and we think this contributes to their feeling light in the hand, although the typical weight of a Selkirk paddle is about average across the industry; 7.5-8.0 oz or so depending on model and from memory.

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    M.A. Lafferty
    August 14, 2015 Reply

    Looks like a good paddle, however, such an expensive paddle it should come with its own paddle bag (and of course free shipping). Let me know is someone is offering that.


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