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Pro-Lite was one of the original manufacturers of true quality, professional-grade pickleball paddles. It still stands out with some of the most consistently well-done products on the market. Many folks would never play with anything but Pro-Lite and even more carry at least one Pro-Lite with them. At one time owned by justly-famed Mark “Yoda” Friedenberg, and not carried on by his son Neil, Pro-Lite continues to rank among the very top paddle manufacturers on everybody’s list for quality, variety and customer service.

Pro-Lite also continues to move the sport forward with its sponsorship of major and minor tournaments and clinics throughout the US and through their generous contributions of paddles to tournament raffles everywhere. We appreciate both Mark’s and Neil’s contributions to the game!

Irene used nothing but Pro-Lite her first three years playing and carries one to this day. Same with AJ who this season has played with both a Rocket, shown below, and an Impact.

, Pro-Lite Sports,,

Here are a couple of this year’s other favorites as far as we are concerned; the graphite Blaster and the Blaster 2, which is made with a very nice alloy. We don’t have a picture of the Impact but that would be our other fav from Pro-lite:

, Pro-Lite Sports,, , Pro-Lite Sports,, , Pro-Lite Sports,,

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