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Pickleball Now is a very interesting company. Built and still managed by Tom Wheeler, but now owned and newly capitalized by Escalade Sports, owners of such modest brands as Prince shoes, Bear Archery, Stiga table-tennis  and so on, these guys are true innovators.

Pickleball Now makes the claim of having been the originators of the wild-and-crazy graphic paddle designs that make P-ball so pretty,, Pickleball Now, Pickleball.biz, Pickleball.biz

the first ones out with an “edgeless” paddle, leaders in core design and much more. Most recently, however, we’ve been impressed with what Tom is doing with their outdoor balls. The TNT ball, which also comes in a pretty nice green, is a well-engineered ball without the obvious ridges that you see on so many of the more commonly-known balls.

, Pickleball Now, Pickleball.biz, Pickleball.biz

Look for them to soon re-brand themselves with a name change and more new products. We’re pretty excited about them! For now, their contact information is:

Pickleball Now

817 Maxwell Avenue
Evansville, IN 47711
Phone: 1-888-467-4412
, Pickleball Now, Pickleball.biz, Pickleball.biz


  • nash rehmann
    November 13, 2017

    11/13 3:28 PM

    Good afternoon ​PICKLEBALL NOW :

    My name is Nash Rehmann

    I am 66 years young and not retiring (anytime soon)
    Have over 40 years experience in sales/marketing

    My sons have asked me to check out the modus operandi of setting up an online retail store; selling pickleball products.

    Please give your procedure with the terms n conditions
    Question : Do you have or offer drop-shipping service ?

    Thank you & looking forward to making money; for n with ENGAGE


    Nash Rehmann
    Nash Rehmann & Associates
    4401 River Bottom Drive
    PTC GA 30092-1362
    770 757 4030

    • Us
      November 14, 2017

      Hi, Nash. We note you posted to several of our pages with this same note. Unfortunately we can’t help you. We are strictly a no-merchandise site; we sell nothing and have never taken money even to subscribe to our site. That latter may change as our costs for hosting and developing this site are high so a subscription model is being considered – but we still don’t sell anything.

      That said, we’ve approved your post because some of our readers may have the answer you are looking for. We shall see.

      Thanks for thinking of us.

  • April 24, 2017

    Fiber-Tech (www.fiber-tech.net) is the largest fiberglass composite panel supplier in the US. Highly capable of supplying Paddleball Now with the lightweight, high strength core needed for the various paddle designs you offer the market.

    Interested in learning about us? We are interested in learning about Paddleball Now. Please let me know who to contact for a discussion pertaining to our product lines.

    Tom Allen

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