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Paddletek  burst onto the scene a few years back. At the time owned and run by Cody Smith and his brother, the paddles always have had a great feel, great hit and were beautifully and simply designed. We especially came to love the Bantam, their lighter-weight paddle, both for its sweet graphic design and for the fact that, to us, the lighter weight sacrificed nothing in terms of feel and “pop”.

What has always distinguished Paddletek from others, IOHO, is that they completely stand behind their products no matter when they were bought and how they were abused. They to some extent remind us of Costco…they’ll take anything back and make it right. Even if you just don’t like the paddle they’ll replace it with something else until you get it the way you want it. Back in the day Cody used to design each paddle by hand, establishing a specific grip size and texture for each of his clients, and if they had the time these days I suspect they’d do the same. Here’s a couple of their newer paddle designs. We’ve played with all of these and like them all:

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Paddletek seemingly is now getting more traction in the Western part of the US where we live, through the efforts of Scott Moore, their western representative. (We suspect the same claim could be made on the Eastern side of the US as well but we don’t know the representatives there.) If you think you know Scott’s name you are right; he’s the father of Daniel Moore, the USAPA National Doubles Champion and himself a fine player. He has come to our club and put on virtually free clinics and he and Daniel will, schedule permitting, often appear together. In our limited exposure to Scott we are very impressed with him and remain high on Paddletek as a vendor and for their customer service; still outstanding.

For more information about Paddletek, go here. Tell ’em AJ and Irene sent you. 

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