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Recently we were at the Huntsman Senior Games in St. George, Utah. Susi Dougan, our great buddy visiting with us from Santa Cruz, CA and Bend, Oregon, was playing 4.5 mixed doubles, 75+, with another good friend, Bob LeRoy, currently living here in St. George, Ut. Looking over the bracket, we knew they were in for a rough ride. Several teams could have given them a run. But of them, we were most concerned about Dick Johnson and Alice Tim. Each of these folks have been on a medal podium many, many times and could bring it, 75+ or not.

Susie and Bob did meet Dick and Alice Tim, not once, but twice, and both matches were epic. Really, if we didn’t know better, we could have thought we were watching people 20 years younger – they all played that well. Susie and Bob eventually pulled it out after the second marathon and nobody gave an inch…they played each point all  the way down. It made us both proud to see our friends all playing so well, and to be such great sports about every call, every issue. Pickleball can raise about many other sports like this – showcasing great skill and great sportsmanship.Dick Johnson Pickleball Mag pdf

We were sitting next to Dick Johnson’s wife Lawana, herself a very fine player until set down with a broken shoulder. We were aware that Dick had recently won some very significant awards and we asked her if we could interview her about these…they weren’t ordinary pickleball gold medals! She did better than that and provided us the following from the recent Pickleball Magazine. We are putting it here in its entirety because it shows Dick as being a far different kind of athlete than we have personally known before, frankly. This guy is something else. The following article talks not only about Dick but also about the Johnson family, and they do, in fact, rock. Hope you enjoy this read…we certainly did.

Dick Johnson Pickleball Mag pdf

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