Is this story right for you?

, Is this story right for you?,,              IS THIS STORY RIGHT FOR YOU?

 (NOTE: the following first page is repeated in the longer story. We’ve put it here to help save you time if this isn’t the right story for you. If you are already convinced it is, go here and start reading, with our compliments!)

If this story is right for you, (meaning it will help you in your efforts to grow pickleball in your community), you’ll agree with most of the following:

  1. You know something about pickleball and want to grow it in your community

You play or have familiarity with the game.  Your growth objective is to have a pickleball population large enough for you to have lots of folks to play with and, since pickleball is a sport for large groups of people having fun playing with lots of different people, enough places to play so that as many people can play together as possible.

  1. You have some basic computing skills, or at least somebody on your team does.

To till the soil easily and simply, some basic computer skills are essential. “Basic” here means you can send and receive email, write a word document, and create and sort a simple spreadsheet. Developing a blog or Facebook page would be nice, but is not necessary.

  1. Your group can contribute a few dollars to buy some stuff.

You definitely do NOT need a big budget to grow a pickleball community, but ultimately you might have to spend (at maximum) $500 on materials, such as balls, tape to mark lines for temporary courts, possibly some used paddles, temporary nets, copying of marketing materials – that sort of thing. (We don’t sell anything ourselves. But you will need some marketing and playing-session stuff.)

  1. You can work with and through a group.

Pickleball is mostly a doubles game, not as often a singles game. Likewise growing pickleball in your community is easier as a team, not as a solitary exercise. Can you say “No Burnout”?

Part of the fun involves working with a core group of compatible people – we’d recommend six to ten folks – to grow your pickleball community. Everybody should be willing to chip in to do whatever is necessary.

  1. You may or may not want to form a pickleball club.

We don’t talk specifically about club formulation issues and guidelines in this story.  That is covered in other sections on the site.  So if you want to create a club now, either read our other stuff (e.g under “Club” on the header), or you’re on your own.  Our focus in this story is on steps to grow the sport itself.

Simple, right? You know about pickleball and want to grow your pickleball group, you have access to basic computer skills, you can find a few dollars and you’re comfortable working with a team. If those assumptions sound like you, than this story is for you and you should read it.

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