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Big News about A Tiny Pickleball Tour!

A few years ago it seemed people outside of Washington, Arizona or Florida couldn’t spell Pikclbhal, (couldn’t resist…sorry!), and now Pickleball is everywhere, and supporting it is this altogether amazing growth industry. Proof? You know for a fact that your sport has arrived when folks start doing tours and promoting tourism around it, right? And […]

Two and Out! – Pickleballers | Slump “went two and out”

While it has never happened to us, of course, we have talked to people (Pickleballers) who went into tournament slumps and “went two and out” more than once over the period of one season. (For you saner folks who chose not to play tournaments, two matches is the minimum number you get in double-elimination tournaments. […]

One Definition of Insanity

The Definition of Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results. The above quote has been misattributed to Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Tony Elliot of the New Orleans Saints, among other notables, but it certainly applies to pickleball, as A.J.’s experience in last weekend’s tournament clearly showed. Both he […]


We Need the USAPA

Last we checked, the USAPA is one of the only major-sport associations to be run essentially by an all-volunteer staff. While this has changed slightly over the last couple of years with the addition of a paid Executive Director (Justin Maloof), everyone from the President (David Jordan) down is a virtually full-time volunteer working tirelessly […]

Serve Discussion

Still Crazy; The Serve Discussion | A Legal Pickleball Serve

“Still Crazy, After All These Years” – Paul Simon The long discussion about what constitutes a legal pickleball serve has continued not because the subject has great intrinsic value (in our view it doesn’t) but because people want a stricter or looser interpretation of the USAPA rule, excerpted below. 4.A. Serve Motion: The serve must […]

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