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150 Pickleball Excuses for Every Occasion!

Everyone needs an excuse from time to time. But doesn’t it get stale, making the same old excuses over and over again? To assist you in staying fresh, below find a list of common (and some not-so-common) excuses as to why things may not have gone right in a particular pickleball point, game or match. […]

geezer jocks

Geezer Jocks

We both turn 70 this year, which has to qualify us (in our pickleball-playing roles) for official Geezer-Jock status. (See this for one history of Geezer-Jock-ed-ness that actually indicates perhaps 50 years was the original entry point for being so labeled.) We have been putting off this self-acceptance off for a long time. For instance, […]

pickleball tour

Big News about A Tiny Pickleball Tour!

A few years ago it seemed people outside of Washington, Arizona or Florida couldn’t spell Pikclbhal, (couldn’t resist…sorry!), and now Pickleball is everywhere, and supporting it is this altogether amazing growth industry. Proof? You know for a fact that your sport has arrived when folks start doing tours and promoting tourism around it, right? And […]

One Definition of Insanity

The Definition of Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results. The above quote has been misattributed to Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Tony Elliot of the New Orleans Saints, among other notables, but it certainly applies to pickleball, as A.J.’s experience in last weekend’s tournament clearly showed. Both he […]

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