Tournament Problem, good etiquette, good friends

Another Tournament Problem Solved? Or not?

The biggest little problem in running a tournament, solved! (Or….is it?) When you think about running a pickleball tournament, there are, of course, many positives. Camraderie? Competition? Raising money for yer club? Working with friends towards a common goal? Big fun-n-the-sun? Check, check, and more check. Your thinking is correct – all good! Unfortunately, if […]

What’s New in Pickleball Refereeing?

What’s New with Pickleball Refereeing?’Note: Recently there have been a number of cases at pickleball tournaments where pickleball referees did not check the players’ pickleball paddles for compliance. Per John Grasso, one of the chief certification auditors, Refereeing in USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) sanctioned tournaments is big fun for many of us. It’s also a […]

Stacking Strategy

Stacking is a strategy designed to have one player always playing a particular side of the court during rallies.  One of the two ultimate articles on stacking, complete with photos showing all the positions, was written for us recently by Lee Moore, with help from Verna Moore, Ken Porter and models Terry and Sandi Brown. […]

mentor day

Mentor Day

This year at Palm Creek we ran the “First Annual” Mentor Day. This was a simple event but it had a profound impact on a lot of people, we think. In context, the day was organized to run the day before the smaller of our two major tournaments, our Annual Residents’ Tournament. This event “only” […]

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