Are Any Pickleball Books Fun to Read?

What do you do when you’re looking for a good pickleball read? Until now much of what’s available to read about our favorite sport has been non-fiction. Not that that’s a bad thing, but other sports have their fiction offerings as well (Golf in the Kingdom comes to mind). Still, there hasn’t been that much fiction […]

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Another Tournament Problem Solved? Or not?

The biggest little problem in running a tournament, solved! (Or….is it?) When you think about running a pickleball tournament, there are, of course, many positives. Camraderie? Competition? Raising money for yer club? Working with friends towards a common goal? Big fun-n-the-sun? Check, check, and more check. Your thinking is correct – all good! Unfortunately, if […]

What’s New in Pickleball Refereeing?

What’s New with Pickleball Refereeing?’Note: Recently there have been a number of cases at pickleball tournaments where pickleball referees did not check the players’ pickleball paddles for compliance. Per John Grasso, one of the chief certification auditors, Refereeing in USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) sanctioned tournaments is big fun for many of us. It’s also a […]

New at the Nationals!

New at the Nationals! Since we live in Palm Creek (co-host of USAPA Nationals VII) it’s fun to be able to hang around and see what’s new. The Nationals this year (and by this we mean the USAPA) has been brilliant about bringing in lots of new products, vendors, services, sponsors, workshops and more. It […]

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Tournament Referees – Do We Have a Problem?

If you’re organizing a tournament, one of many vexing variables is determining if you have enough referees to run the number of matches you forecast. Everyone spends time with this, including the tournament directors in our clubs, and for most the issue seems to be a combination of several variables– the number of referees available, […]

pickleball courts near me

In-House Tournaments Rock! Pickleball Courts Near Me

Most folks know that in-house tournaments are fun. But it’s actually pretty easy to make them even BIGGER fun while having pickleball courts near me. Here’s some tricks, tips and techniques to make your next in-house pickleball tournament world-class. A week before the tournament, have a clinic. This can easily be revenue-neutral. Charge a few […]

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