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Our Last Hurrah? – Tournament Pickleball Player!

The Summer of Our Discontent There is a certain low-budget reverse-panache to telling people you are a “tournament pickleball player” – as if that’s the only time you deem the silly sport worthy to play. Truth of the matter, however, is that for any of us pickleball addicts, tournament play represents a very small percentage […]

What’s New in Pickleball Refereeing?

What’s New with Pickleball Refereeing?’Note: Recently there have been a number of cases at pickleball tournaments where pickleball referees did not check the players’ pickleball paddles for compliance. Per John Grasso, one of the chief certification auditors, Refereeing in USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) sanctioned tournaments is big fun for many of us. It’s also a […]

New at the Nationals!

New at the Nationals! Since we live in Palm Creek (co-host of USAPA Nationals VII) it’s fun to be able to hang around and see what’s new. The Nationals this year (and by this we mean the USAPA) has been brilliant about bringing in lots of new products, vendors, services, sponsors, workshops and more. It […]

little thing

Little Things, Big Results – Pickleball Success

“Man, such a little thing….”, A.J. said this morning as he was eating his cup of coffee, an unfortunate phenomenon experienced by many Keurig “K-Cup” devotees who pack their own little coffee containers and occasionally forget to wipe every single grain of coffee off the edge. Leaving even one coffee grain on the edge, a […]

geezer jocks

Geezer Jocks

We both turn 70 this year, which has to qualify us (in our pickleball-playing roles) for official Geezer-Jock status. (See this for one history of Geezer-Jock-ed-ness that actually indicates perhaps 50 years was the original entry point for being so labeled.) We have been putting off this self-acceptance off for a long time. For instance, […]

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