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Tournament Referees – Do We Have a Problem?

If you’re organizing a tournament, one of many vexing variables is determining if you have enough referees to run the number of matches you forecast. Everyone spends time with this, including the tournament directors in our clubs, and for most the issue seems to be a combination of several variables– the number of referees available, […]

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Pickleball Goes Green – Pickleball Grows

We think most everyone can see that average age of winning pickleball tournament players is dropping. Personally, with both of us turning 70 this year, this change feels like a bit of a mixed blessing. We’ve devoted a lot of time to trying to become competitive players but it is today harder and harder for […]

Drop Shots and Insanity

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” (Choose one: Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, novelist Rita Mae Brown. See here for a possible answer.) We were chatting with a friend the other day and he was describing his life as a single father, raising […]

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CAZ Customer Service!

Pickleball has exploded, and in turn created a growing market for everything we as players need. Naturally many new high-tech paddle manufacturers and equipment providers have rushed to fill the previous semi-vacuum of only a few providers. Those three or four initial manufacturers, for instance, have now expanded their ranks to maybe 15 or 20 […]

Serve Discussion

Still Crazy; The Serve Discussion | A Legal Pickleball Serve

“Still Crazy, After All These Years” – Paul Simon The long discussion about what constitutes a legal pickleball serve has continued not because the subject has great intrinsic value (in our view it doesn’t) but because people want a stricter or looser interpretation of the USAPA rule, excerpted below. 4.A. Serve Motion: The serve must […]

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The Perfect Pickleball Club? – Pickleball Court?

While perfection is largely unattainable in just about anything, you can, at least, create a perfect model for what you want to accomplish. Each pickleball club’s “perfect model” depends on the needs of its membership – a club without enough courts focuses there first, a larger, city-wide club uses different tools to communication effectively with […]

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