Playing Pickleball Recreationally

Irene has been playing a little pickleball these days, this after almost a total absence of a year. She seems, to AJ’s eyes, to be playing perhaps as well as she ever has, which is remarkably well when she’s on. She is a very steady player and big fun to watch, being pretty darn graceful […]


Working with the Tools You’ve Got

  What does it mean that you must learn to work with the tools you have? We played with Jay Fournier for several years. Jay, a somewhat older player but always a good athlete, always working on self-improvement, regularly taking lessons, clinics, private instruction, and practicing with ball machines. His strokes and mechanics were pretty […]

Round Robins

Best Organized Play? Round Robins! – Best Opportunity

We believe that Round Robins offer the best opportunity for any pickleball group or club to provide competitive and yet still social play to the largest number of people. They are fair, easy to organize and run, and encourage folks to continuously play with and against new people. If you don’t know what a Round […]

Pickleball Club, pickle court

The Perfect Pickleball Club? – Pickleball Court?

While perfection is largely unattainable in just about anything, you can, at least, create a perfect model for what you want to accomplish. Each pickleball club’s “perfect model” depends on the needs of its membership – a club without enough courts focuses there first, a larger, city-wide club uses different tools to communication effectively with […]

unforced errors

Unforced Errors!

What’s your definition of an unforced error? No, really. Which errors do you consider forced and which ones aren’t? How many do you yourself commit in a game? What’s the average? Does it change by skill-level? Do unforced errors REALLY make the difference in an otherwise close match, or not? Is the urban legend that […]

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