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150 Pickleball Excuses for Every Occasion!

Everyone needs an excuse from time to time. But doesn’t it get stale, making the same old excuses over and over again? To assist you in staying fresh, below find a list of common (and some not-so-common) excuses as to why things may not have gone right in a particular pickleball point, game or match. […]

Pickleball Success

Pickleball Success Strategy –  “Less is More!”

A Simple Strategy for Pickleball Success –  “Less is More!” A conversation about Pickleball Strategy with Lynn Carlson A lot of people tend to chew up the scenery. I’m a firm believer in less is more, especially on the big screen – Mark Wahlberg, American actor and producer 70% of the time winning teams have […]

little thing

Little Things, Big Results – Pickleball Success

“Man, such a little thing….”, A.J. said this morning as he was eating his cup of coffee, an unfortunate phenomenon experienced by many Keurig “K-Cup” devotees who pack their own little coffee containers and occasionally forget to wipe every single grain of coffee off the edge. Leaving even one coffee grain on the edge, a […]

geezer jocks

Geezer Jocks

We both turn 70 this year, which has to qualify us (in our pickleball-playing roles) for official Geezer-Jock status. (See this for one history of Geezer-Jock-ed-ness that actually indicates perhaps 50 years was the original entry point for being so labeled.) We have been putting off this self-acceptance off for a long time. For instance, […]

pickleball history

Pickleball Goes Green – Pickleball Grows

We think most everyone can see that average age of winning pickleball tournament players is dropping. Personally, with both of us turning 70 this year, this change feels like a bit of a mixed blessing. We’ve devoted a lot of time to trying to become competitive players but it is today harder and harder for […]

Two and Out! – Pickleballers | Slump “went two and out”

While it has never happened to us, of course, we have talked to people (Pickleballers) who went into tournament slumps and “went two and out” more than once over the period of one season. (For you saner folks who chose not to play tournaments, two matches is the minimum number you get in double-elimination tournaments. […]

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